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Asbestos Removal in Los Angeles, CA: Residential & Commercial Asbestos Testing, Removal & Cleanup Services

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Since people often like to think of their homes and businesses as their safe spaces, many would be worried to find out that many Los Angeles properties contain hidden health hazards. One such element, asbestos, was used as a popular building material last century; so many structures in L.A. contain the substance in multiple places. Because health officials have since declared it unsafe to be around, either asbestos removal or asbestos abatement procedures must be completed to ensure that a Los Angeles space is in a habitable condition. Aeroscopic Environmental offers asbestos cleanup services that are sure to be of assistance during an exposure situation.


Why Asbestos Removal is Important for L.A. Properties

Asbestos is a mineral that was popularly used in construction in L.A. because of how versatile it is. However, after studies were done on its effects, the Environmental Protection Agency banned its use in the 70s because it was found that airborne asbestos fibers could be inhaled by building occupants. The respiration of asbestos is what makes it risky, as its inhalation can lead to a number of significant health issues, such as lung cancer or mesothelioma. But the danger is invisible, so to be sure you are safe at your L.A. property, you need to have a professional asbestos removal company conduct testing.

Testing L.A. Structures for Asbestos

If the risk of exposure is invisible, how can people in L.A. determine if they need asbestos removal? The only way to know if asbestos abatement is necessary at a property is through a detailed inspection by an asbestos removal company like Aeroscopic Environmental. We conduct testing on samples of any surfaces at a Los Angeles property that could contain asbestos: wall insulation, floor tiles, roofing shingles, paint, pipes, and more. The results of the testing will tell us not only if fungi are present, but also if it is at a dangerous level that warrants asbestos cleanup.

Asbestos Mitigation in L.A.

Asbestos mitigation in Los Angeles properties can actually be handled in a number of ways. Determining which mitigation plan is best happens after we have inspected and tested the surfaces of your building. If it is not a major problem, asbestos abatement will likely suffice for sealing in the issue so it can’t affect the area. Asbestos removal is a bit more intensive and is required when there is a large amount of airborne asbestos coming from a deteriorating surface.

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