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Asbestos Remediation & Cleanup

Asbestos Remediation in Los Angeles, CA: Residential & Commercial Asbestos Cleanup & Remediation Services

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Aeroscopic Environmental is a professional restoration company that has been doing asbestos cleanup for 60 years at all kinds of places throughout the Los Angeles area. Our asbestos remediation efforts include everything from sanitizing areas where toxic fibers are found to doing complete removal of structural elements that contain it. When you hire us for asbestos cleanup in L.A., you can have confidence that we will do a comprehensive job and completely clear the establishment of any trace of toxicity.

When Do L.A. Properties Need Asbestos Removal?

Decades ago, asbestos was hugely popular for construction purposes, and therefore the substance is present in many Los Angeles establishments that were built before its banning in 1978. However, its existence is not a cause for concern, as the dangers in asbestos only lie in when a material that contains it deteriorates and releases asbestos fibers of it into the air. Asbestos remediation is only required if there are traces of it in the atmosphere because they can be breathed in by building occupants. Inhaling asbestos has been linked to a number of negative health problems with the respiratory system, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis, so it’s wise to call a company to test for it.

Remediation Company for Asbestos Cleanup in L.A.

As a Los Angeles asbestos remediation company, our goal is to rid a residence or business of an asbestos issue completely, and to do that, we bring in the appropriate equipment. All affected areas are addressed with an extensive regimen for asbestos cleanup, from scrubbing surfaces with disinfectant to extracting airborne fibers with HEPA-filtered vacuums. We make sure to adequately secure the spaces in Los Angeles in which we are performing asbestos removal so that we don’t spread the exposure further while trying to rid a place of it.

Asbestos Removal to Rid of Hazards in Los Angeles

Sometimes, in order to remove asbestos’s presence, an entire surface that hosts it must be removed. This is often the case for things at L.A. properties that are very old, worn, and are exposing far too much asbestos into the atmosphere than can be mitigated through typical asbestos cleanup methods. For asbestos remediation jobs in L.A. that are more intensive, we discard and replace or deconstruct and rebuild whatever was causing concern. Our Los Angeles asbestos removal staff makes sure to follow safety best practices for working with affected materials and for properly disposing of them.

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