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Residential & Commercial Lead Paint Removal in Los Angeles, CA

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Lead Paint Remediation & Removal Services

  • Lead Paint Inspection & Testing

  • Lead Paint Removal & Remediation

  • Lead Paint Abatement & Mitigation

  • Residential Lead Paint Removal

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Most people in Los Angeles hire painters to add lacquer to walls, not remove it. But some paints that were used in the 70s and before have since been found to contain lead, something that is toxic to human health. Therefore, any older properties in L.A. that were constructed in this time frame likely need lead paint abatement work completed, and to do that they need to hire a professional lead paint removal company to find out if that’s the case. For places in Los Angeles that do need lead paint removal, we have a skilled staff of remediation experts who work quickly and efficiently to rid the space of any signs of danger.

Lead Paint Abatements for Older L.A. Homes

Lead-based paint was commonly used back in the 70s until it was found to be unsafe and was subsequently banned. People who frequent places in L.A. that were painted prior to its outlawing are at a potential risk for a number of adverse health issues connected to inhaling airborne lead dust and could be in serious danger if lead paint removal services are not completed immediately. These risks include kidney issues, vascular problems, and damage to the brain that can cause learning disabilities, seizures, and even death. The only real way to know if these dangers are lurking at your Los Angeles home or business is to have a lead paint removal company like Aeroscopic Environmental come and test the place.

Testing for Lead Paint Removal in Los Angeles

Because of the toxic nature of lead particles, it is never advised for someone in L.A. to take on lead paint removal, or even testing, themselves. Surfaces that are covered in lead particles will release them into the air and make matters much worse, so its best to always leave inspection of the issue to a professional lead paint removal company like Aeroscopic Environmental. We have trained lead paint abatement experts on staff that know how to safely inspect spaces in Los Angeles for any hazards and can remediate any areas that are found to have lead paint.

Los Angeles Lead Paint Abatement Projects

Depending on the state of the situation, complete lead paint removal may not be needed, and the threat may be able to be mitigated without full-on restoration efforts. For low-level exposure instances in L.A., lead paint abatement methods such as encapsulation or enclosure where we seal up the affected space and trap the toxins in will likely work. If there is a sizeable airborne issue present, our lead paint removal company may resort to doing more aggressive measures like using air scrubbers and removing and replacing unsalvageable parts of a Los Angeles structure.

Experienced L.A. Lead Paint Removal Company

If you need lead paint removal services in the greater Los Angeles area, our remediation staff is here to help. Aeroscopic Environmental has handled lead paint abatements at residential, commercial, and industrial properties in L.A. since 1958. Call us for details on our services or to get an estimate from our lead paint removal company.