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Lead Paint Removal & Remediation

Lead Paint Removal & Remediation in Los Angeles, CA

Trends in the building industry from back in the day have put some places in Los Angeles at risk in the present day. Many different kinds of surfaces were coated with lead paint all the way up until the 1970s.  Removal of the finish is required if it is posing a risk, which research revealed it does when it deteriorates. Aeroscopic Environmental offers lead paint remediation services that involves conducting tests at L.A. properties to see if they have a hazard present, and then conduct lead paint removal to rid the place of problems.  *Aeroscopic functions as a general contractor and can associate a certified vendor for Asbestos and Lead. Certified Asbestos Consultant on staff.*

When Places in L.A. Need Lead Paint Removal, We Are Your First Choice

In 1978, the federal government banned lead paint after it was discovered that the product can be harmful to human health in some cases. Lead paint remediation efforts are not necessary for everything that contains it, but only areas in Los Angeles where the paint job is starting to wear because the issue lies in the tiny paint particles that flake off. When lead fibers float around in the air at an establishment in L.A., the pieces can be inhaled by those in the building, and a build-up of lead in the body is bad news. Lead paint removal needs to happen as soon as painted surfaces show signs of deterioration to avoid all the possible respiratory risks.

Lead Paint Remediation Jobs in Los Angeles

When people in Los Angeles need to hire someone to handle their lead paint remediation project, they call Aeroscopic Environmental because they know we can quickly clear a space of any hazards. Our lead paint removal experts identify all affected areas through inspection, then get to work using powerful cleaning equipment and detailed sanitization methods. We have HEPA-filtered scrubbers to clear the air of all contaminants and strip surfaces of the dangerous coating in order to make sure that the property doesn’t pose a problem anymore. We don’t consider an L.A. lead paint remediation job complete until the place has been fully restored and there is no trace left of the toxic substance.

Los Angeles Area Lead Paint Removal Experts

Los Angeles property owners trust us with their lead paint removal needs because our company has been in the restoration business for over 60 years. Our reliable remediation experts, who have a combined 150 years of experience, provide professional solutions to those in L.A. who find out there is a lead paint hazard present. We understand the dangers involved with these kinds of jobs and follow strict safety protocol for lead paint remediations to ensure that we rid properties in Los Angeles of issues while taking great care of our clients’ property and possessions.

Call Us in L.A. for Lead Paint Remediation Help

If you need lead paint removal after finding that the finishing is creating a danger at your Los Angeles property, there is no better company to call than Aeroscopic Environmental. Our lead paint remediation staff can quickly and efficiently rid your place in L.A. of the problem, so give us a call!