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One man's vision brought Aeroscopic Environmental to fruition more than 60 years ago when Joe Spiszman couldn’t locate a company to restore his smoke-damaged possessions. In the 1950s, there weren’t any companies in Los Angeles that specialized in the restoration services he sought. Thinking that his idea to fill that void was a good business model, Spiszman founded Aeroscopic Environmental in 1958. Today, Aeroscopic Environmental, a Better Business Bureau A-plus rated company, stands as one of the Los Angeles area’s leading restoration service providers, thanks to the forward-thinking actions of Spiszman.

Restoration Company Serving Los Angeles for 60 Years

Aeroscopic Environmental is the go-to company in Los Angeles for those in need of environmental remediation services. Our company has served the owners of both commercial and residential properties in Los Angeles since its founding in 1958. Aeroscopic provides a variety of restoration services, including mold removal, water damage restoration, and fire damage restoration. Our certified restoration company’s technicians are also capable of thoroughly inspecting your property to assess any present or potential damage that it may have incurred. Contact our office in Los Angeles today to get a quote for water or fire damage restoration, mold removal and or environmental remediation services.


Restoration Services You Can Rely on in Los Angeles

The team at Aeroscopic Environmental will devise a step-by-step plan for the total restoration and or environmental remediation of your property in Los Angeles. Our highly trained technicians are well-versed in all things relating to fire and water damage restoration as well as mold removal. Our crew will fully clean, dry, deodorize and repair any damage incurred by your home or commercial property. If you’re searching for world-class restoration services from a reliable company in Los Angeles that’s available 24/7, look no further than Aeroscopic Environmental.

We Provide Fast and Affordable 24/7 Emergency Services

Residential Reconstruction

Home repair and renovation in Los Angeles can be a costly affair. When you call the residential renovation contractors at Aeroscopic Environmental, we will provide you with quality work within your timeframe and budget

Commercial Reconstruction

For top remodeling services in Los Angeles, business owners know there’s only one commercial renovation company they need to turn to, and that’s Aeroscopic Environmental

Industrial Reconstruction

With the current economic environment, industrial businesses change and grow, and sometimes there is a need for expansion. We can help you find the solutions that your business needs by the industrial reconstruction services we offer in Los Angeles.

A Unique Restoration Company in Los Angeles

Aeroscopic Environmental of Los Angeles wasn’t originally meant to be an environmental remediation company. In the early years, we were known as odor and corrosion control company. We were unique then, and we are unique now. As environmental health and safety began to become more relevant to the consumer, an industry in and of itself sprung up around Aeroscopic Environmental. Today, we are the oldest consulting, water as well as fire damage restoration, mold removal and environmental remediation company in Los Angeles, if not the entire United States.

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Aeroscopic Environmental is Los Angeles’ one-stop cleaning, remediation, and restoration company. Our professionals are experts and can clean, repair and fully restore your home from water, fire and or storm damage. Contact Aeroscopic Environmental of Los Angeles for a comprehensive solution to your mold removal, fire and or water damage restoration needs!