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Mold Removal & Cleanup

Residential & Commercial Mold Removal & Cleanup in Los Angeles, CA

When people in Los Angeles have a mold problem, they want it gone for aesthetic reasons because the mossy patches are unsightly. Here at Aeroscopic Environmental, we know that mold removal is necessary because mold is also hazardous, as the fungi’s presence can harm whoever frequents an infested building. Since mold cleanup involves dealing with a dangerous area, it is best to hire a professional mold remediation company to handle it. Aeroscopic Environmental offers black mold cleanup services to the L.A. area in order to completely absolve properties of black mold and ensure that it won’t show back up.

L.A. Mold Removal for Health Reasons

When mold shows up at a Los Angeles establishment, it’s a cause for concern for a number of reasons. Not only is it unsightly, mold is toxic and its presence must be treated with mold removal services in order to avoid the risks associated with inhaling it. Mold spores that float around the atmosphere can be breathed in, enter the body, and inflict significant damage to one’s respiratory and neurological system. Homeowners in Los Angeles seek mold remediation to protect their family members, and business owners seek mold cleanup to make sure their workspaces are in the clear.

Black Mold Cleanup After Testing in L.A.

While mold problems aren’t always obvious, oftentimes the fungi can exist behind the scenes or beneath the surface of an L.A. space. We perform mold inspections at L.A. properties for this reason, to discover any hidden outbreaks that will need black mold cleanup before they get much worse. The results from testing provide our team of remediation experts with all the details they need to develop mold removal plans specific to the situation at each Los Angeles space. After mold remediation efforts are complete, we perform another mold test to ensure that no traces of mold remain.

Los Angeles Mold Remediation Process

Our process for professional black mold cleanup involves many steps to ensure that Los Angeles properties are 100% free of mold. The first thing we do for a mold remediation job is quarantine the area to make sure the contamination is isolated and will not spread to any other of parts of the space. We vacuum and dry the area to stop the source of mold, which is moisture, then set up a system of fans and air scrubbers to sanitize the air. Our mold cleanup staff scrubs every affected surface at the L.A. space with heavy-duty detergents to remove any visible signs of the growth.

Call Us in L.A. for Mold Cleanup Services

If there has been a mold outbreak at your Los Angeles area property, Aeroscopic Environmental’s mold cleanup team can help! We provide professional services for black mold cleanup that will treat not only the growth but also its source. Give us a call to schedule an estimate for mold cleanup in L.A.