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Mold Abatement & Mitigation

Residential & Commercial Mold Abatement & Mitigation in Los Angeles, CA

Having mold is a nightmare scenario that Los Angeles property owners should hope they never encounter. However, for those who do experience the unfortunate instance of an outbreak, help is available in the form of Aeroscopic Environmental’s mold abatement services. We have been in the remediation business for 60 years, and in that time, we have seen it all in regard to mold outbreaks. No matter how bad the mold problem is or how large the extent of damage, we can save an L.A. establishment through a thorough mold mitigation.

When Mold Mitigation is Necessary in L.A.

When there is a mold outbreak at a Los Angeles property, the initial goal is to try and clean it up, but sometimes a simple scrubbing is not enough and mold abatement is the best option. Mold forms within 24-48 hours of moisture pooling up, and at L.A. homes or businesses that are well past that timeline, the growth may be quite large in terms of the size and extent of destruction. Mold mitigation is for surfaces that cannot be salvaged after mold is present for an extended period, and is about replacing losses rather than repairing. Our experts will be able to tell after inspecting a space in Los Angeles if cleanup will suffice or if the area needs mold abatement.

Mold Abatements at Los Angeles Properties

When its determined that a mold problem is beyond cleaning up, we use mold abatement methods to get the Los Angeles property restored. This entails our mold mitigation team examining each surface at a space to determine what can be fixed with structural repairs as opposed to what needs to be removed and or replaced. Often things like walls and cabinetry can be remediated with the help of a contractor, while things like carpeting and furniture need to be taken out and discarded. Mold mitigation also involves reconstructing any parts of a property that had to be demolished due to mold damage.

Professional L.A. Mold Mitigation Company

When people in Los Angeles are dealing with a heavily damaged property, they need to enlist the aid of an experienced mold mitigation company whose technicians know what they are doing. Aeroscopic Environmental has been performing mold abatements since our business’s beginning in 1958. Our staff has a combined 150 years of industry experience doing mold mitigation work at L.A. area residential, commercial, and industrial sites, so you can trust we can fully fix your mold problem.

Mold Abatement Services for the L.A. Area

Got mold in L.A.? The toxic growth not only looks gross but can cause immense damage to a building. Aeroscopic Environmental provides professional mold abatements to property owners in Los Angeles who have a significant mold mess on their hands that requires repairs and reconstruction. Call us today to get an estimate for mold mitigation in L.A.