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Environmental Remediation & Removal Company in Los Angeles, CA

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Lead Paint

When there is a potentially dangerous substance is discovered within a Los Angeles structure, environmental remediation experts need to be called in order to properly address the issue. The presence of hazardous materials like mold, asbestos, and or lead paint is much too serious to be handled by the inexperienced, which is why property owners hire professional remediation companies for help with such predicaments. Aeroscopic Environmental provides remediation services that can rid Los Angeles establishments of a variety of issues. We have been performing environmental remediation work in the L.A. area since 1958, so no matter what issues arise at your property, we can be of assistance.

L.A. Remediation Company for Mold Problems

When a property in Los Angeles sustains water damage, remediation services should soon follow to reduce the risk of mold growth. The fungi can show up within 24-48 hours of moisture pooling, but may be hidden from immediate view, and by the time it’s noticed by an L.A. homeowner it could be a huge problem that requires extensive restoration and cleanup. Our remediation company conducts inspections and testing at water damaged properties in L.A. to identify the entire extent of the potential mold exposure before with the appropriate abatement techniques.

Environmental Remediation for Asbestos in L.A.

Asbestos is a mineral that was often used as a construction material by Los Angeles property builders before it was found to be harmful to human health. Thus, homes and business in L.A. that contain asbestos are in need of environmental remediation services to rid the property of any associated hazards. Aeroscopic Environmental has a restoration team of experts that are capable of alleviating asbestos issues at Los Angeles area properties using high-powered equipment. Our remediation company will not call a job complete until we are certain that the property we are working on is safe for occupation.

Lead Paint Remediation Services in Los Angeles

Lead paint is a toxic substance that may be lurking in many of L.A.’s buildings that were built prior to the late 70s when its use was banned. It is recommended that the owners of older properties in Los Angeles have a remediation company examine their home or business for the presence of lead paint. If a structure is found to be contaminated, environmental remediation measures can be taken in order to remove the paint, leaving the property free of any traces of lead.

Call Us in L.A. for Details on Remediation Services

Aeroscopic Environmental provides a long list of remediation services to those in the Los Angeles area who have an environmental issue on their hands. Give our restoration company a call at 877-434-8256 to learn more about our mold, asbestos, and lead paint removal as well as remediation services, or to schedule an estimate.