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Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke Damage Restoration in Los Angeles, CA: Residential & Commercial Residential & Commercial Smoke Damage Cleanup

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In the aftermath of a fire in Los Angeles, two types of damage require cleanup, primary fire damage, and secondary smoke damage. Of the two, smoke damage is usually the most dangerous since it carries toxic fumes and can be deadly when inhaled in excess. Smoke damage is also irritating to deal with because of the lingering smoky smell. Smoke damage and soot can rest in places like air ducts, making it necessary to hire a professional smoke damage cleanup company in Los Angeles like Aeroscopic Environmental to restore air quality and perform smoke damage restoration services.

In Los Angeles, Smoke Damage Repair is a Necessity After a Fire

Three types of smoke damage require a professional in the Los Angeles area to begin the smoke damage restoration process. They are wet smoke residues, which occurs with low heat and smoldering fires, dry smoke residues resulting from fast burning, high-temperature fires, and protein residues invisible but damage paint and have a foul odor. No matter the kind of smoke damage restoration you need in Los Angeles, the cleanup pros at Aeroscopic Environmental can help. Call us today at our Los Angeles location for an estimate about your smoke damage repair project.

Different Types of Smoke Damage Dictate How Property is Restored

The type of smoke that damages a residence or commercial property in Los Angeles during a fire can affect how the property needs to be restored. For example, wet smoke caused by low heat is very sticky, while dry smoke from high heat fires leaves behind a powdery residue. The smoke damage repair experts at Aeroscopic Environmental know exactly how to handle every type of smoke damage restoration project.

Hidden in the Los Angeles Home or Business Need Smoke Damage Cleanup Too

Air ducts and ventilation systems accumulate smoke residue and are often forgotten when a Los Angeles property has experienced a fire. While it might seem tempting to clean these areas yourself, it is not advisable as the smoke residue is filled with toxic chemicals. If not adequately equipped, certain parts of the smoke damage restoration process could be harmful to your health. Don't risk the health of you, your family, or your employees and choose the smoke damage repair team at Aeroscopic Environmental today!

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