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Industrial Asbestos Removal

Industrial Asbestos Removal in Los Angeles, CA: Industrial Asbestos Abatement & Removal Services

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Years ago, asbestos was hugely popular for construction purposes, and therefore the substance is present at plenty of Los Angeles industrial sites that were built before it was banned in 1978. However, its existence is only a cause for concern when any material that contains it deteriorates and starts releasing fibers into the air, at which point asbestos removal is needed to protect the occupants of the property from inhaling the particles. Breathing in asbestos has been linked to a number of negative respiratory health problems, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis, so it is vital that L.A. properties receive industrial asbestos removal efforts when needed.

Inspecting Sites in L.A. for Industrial Asbestos Removal

If the risk of exposure is invisible, how can property owners of industrial settings in L.A. determine if the space needs asbestos removal? The only way to know if abatement measures are necessary at a property is through a detailed inspection by a professional asbestos removal company like Aeroscopic Environmental. We conduct testing on samples of any surfaces in a Los Angeles property that could possibly contain asbestos: wall insulation, floor tiles, roofing shingles, paint, pipes, and more. The results of the reading will tell us not only if the compound is present, but also if it is at a dangerous level that requires industrial asbestos removal.

Asbestos Removal Methods for Exposures in Los Angeles

Industrial asbestos removal can actually be handled in a number of ways in Los Angeles, either through mitigation methods or full-on asbestos removal. Determining which remediation plan is best for a building in L.A. can be decided by a professional remediation company after they have inspected and tested surfaces at the structure. If it is not a major problem, industrial asbestos abatement will likely suffice for sealing the issue and mitigating its effect on the area. Asbestos removal is a bit more intensive and is required when there is a large amount of airborne asbestos coming from a deteriorating surface.

Industrial Asbestos Removal Professionals in the L.A. Area

When there is an environmental issue such as asbestos exposure at an L.A. industrial site, it’s important that only highly trained professionals are hired to do industrial asbestos removal. Aeroscopic Environmental is a remediation company with 60 years of experience dealing with damage control after asbestos is discovered at a Los Angeles property. Over that time in business, we have seen all sorts of situations involving asbestos on all sorts of surfaces at all kinds of properties, so you can trust that we will be able to handle asbestos removal at any L.A. industrial site.

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