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Lead Paint Abatement & Mitigation

Lead Paint Abatement in Los Angeles, CA: Residential & Commercial Lead Paint Mitigation & Abatement Services

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The issue with lead paint is that it becomes dangerous when it starts to deteriorate because little particles are let loose into the air and can be inhaled. If a Los Angeles property is at this point, lead paint removal procedures will need to take place for the area to be safe, but sometimes people can catch it quickly and salvage the space with lead paint abatement techniques. Here at L.A.’s Aeroscopic Environmental, we use two methods of lead paint mitigation: encapsulation and enclosure. Through these techniques, we have saved establishments all over Los Angeles from a much larger lead paint problem later down the road.

Lead Paint Removal vs. Mitigation in L.A.

The only real way to determine if the presence of lead paint is an issue or not in L.A. is to let a trained professional handle it. Our Los Angeles remediation staff is knowledgeable on how to inspect a space without creating further disruption, and how to determine the best course of action for removal of lead paint dangers. Sometimes we locate lead paint but find that it is not yet deteriorating and causing danger, at which point a lead paint mitigation method like encapsulation or enclosure can act as a solution.

Lead Paint Abatement in L.A.: Encapsulation

One of the easiest ways to ensure that lead paint cannot harm those in an L.A. establishment is a process called encapsulation. This lead paint mitigation method involves us covering up the lead paint with a safe lacquer to seal all its particles in so they can’t escape. Encapsulation is a great preventative measure to make sure that the paint does not splinter and flake off, creating a health hazard in L.A. properties. After a quick encapsulating procedure, our lead paint abatement clients can relax at their Los Angeles establishments.

Los Angeles Lead Paint Mitigation: Enclosure

Another way we approach lead paint abatements, if we catch the coating in good enough condition, is using enclosure to trap it in. Enclosure entails covering up whatever surface is painted with a lead-based lacquer with new material to trap the toxins in. We use this lead paint mitigation method at Los Angeles properties where lead paint is present but is not yet posing a risk so we can encase the area before one appears. Whether it is masking a minor area or enveloping an entire wall, our experts are sure to be able to hide lead paint’s presence; and therefore, the associated hazards.

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