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Commercial Lead Paint Removal

Commercial Lead Paint Removal in Los Angeles, CA: Commercial Lead Paint Removal Services

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Back in the day, the most popular products that painters used were lead-based. Later studies showed that lead paint removal might be necessary for some establishments in Los Angeles that contain it because a health threat is posed when the paint particles break down over time. Aeroscopic Environmental is a restoration company that has handled commercial lead paint removal work in the L.A. area since 1958. We have expert equipment that helps us discover lead’s presence at commercial spaces, determining if there is a risk present, and performing a restoration regimen to remediate it.

Why L.A. Commercial Spaces Need Lead Paint Removal

Lead-based paint was commonly used back in the old days until it discovered to be unsafe and was subsequently banned. The places in L.A. that were painted prior to its outlawing are at risk for some adverse health issues connected to inhaling airborne lead dust. This makes seeking lead paint removal services immediately extremely important. These risks include kidney issues, vascular problems, and damage to the brain that can cause learning disabilities, seizures, and even death. Aeroscopic Environmental can test to see if these dangers are lurking at a Los Angeles business building and whether commercial lead paint removal is needed.

Options for Commercial Lead Paint Removal in L.A.

Our Los Angeles remediation staff is knowledgeable in how to inspect a space without creating further disruption, and how to determine the best course of action for removal of lead paint dangers. Depending on the degree of deterioration, there are a number of ways to go about mitigating a lead paint exposure. If it is not yet posing a present danger to the environment, there is a good chance that we can seal in the hazard with encapsulation or enclosure, but if there are lead particles in the air, we make sure all traces of them at an L.A. space are gone via commercial lead paint removal.

Lead Paint Removal Experts in the Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles property owners trust us with their lead paint removal needs because our company has been in the restoration business for 60 years. Our reliable remediation experts, who have a combined 150 years of experience, provide professional solutions to those in L.A. who find out there is a lead paint hazard present. We understand the dangers involved with these kinds of jobs and follow strict safety protocol for commercial lead paint removals to ensure that we rid places in Los Angeles of issues while taking great care of clients’ property and possessions.

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