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Residential Lead Paint Removal

Residential Lead Paint Removal in Los Angeles, CA: Home Lead Paint Removal Services

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Most people in Los Angeles hire workers to add paint to walls, not remove it. But some paints that were used prior to 1978 and before have since been found to contain something that is toxic to human health: lead. Many homes in L.A. that were constructed during that time period need residential lead paint abatement work done to get rid of this risk, and homeowners can hire a professional lead paint removal company to find out if that’s the case. If your property in Los Angeles requires residential lead paint removal, Aeroscopic Environmental has a skilled staff of remediation experts who work quickly and efficiently to rid spaces of all signs of danger caused by lead paint.

Testing for Lead Paint Removal Needs in L.A.

Lead paint testing needs to happen at any structure in Los Angeles that was constructed prior to 1978, as there is a good chance that lead paint may be lurking within the structure, and an inspection can determine if residential lead paint abatement is needed. When a surface that is coated in lead paint begins to deteriorate, it releases tiny lead particles into the air that can be inhaled and harm those who live there. To avoid the respiratory and nervous system issues associated with lead paint, removal from a professional company like L.A.’s Aeroscopic Environmental is necessary.

Los Angeles Residential Lead Paint Removal

Los Angeles homeowners hire our team to handle residential lead paint removal projects because they know we can quickly clear a space of any hazard caused by lead paint. Our lead paint removal experts identify all affected areas with an in-depth inspection, then get to work using powerful cleaning equipment and detailed sanitization methods. We have HEPA-filtered scrubbers to clear the air of all contaminants and strip surfaces of the dangerous coating in order to make sure that the L.A. property doesn’t pose a problem anymore. We don’t consider a residential lead paint abatement job complete until the place has been fully restored, and there is no trace of the toxic substance.

L.A. Residential Lead Paint Abatement Services

Lead paint becomes dangerous when the surface that it coats starts to deteriorate because little particles are released into the air and can be inhaled. If a Los Angeles home is at this point, residential lead paint removal procedures will need to take place for the area to be considered safe, but sometimes when it’s caught quickly, the space can be salvaged through different residential lead paint abatement techniques. Here at L.A.’s Aeroscopic Environmental, we use two methods to mitigate a lead paint problem: encapsulation and enclosure.

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