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Industrial Lead Paint Removal

Industrial Lead Paint Removal & Abatement in Los Angeles, CA

Trends in the building industry from before the 1970s mean that some industrial sites around Los Angeles are coated with a concerning substance. While many places were painted with lead paint before the 1970s, removal of the finish is required if it is posing a risk, which research revealed it does when it deteriorates. Aeroscopic Environmental offers industrial lead paint removal services where we conduct testing at sites around L.A. to see if there is a hazardous present which should be handled with lead paint removal.  *Aeroscopic functions as a general contractor and can associate a certified vendor for Asbestos and Lead. Certified Asbestos Consultant on staff.*

Los Angeles Spaces Need Lead Paint Removal

In 1978, the federal government banned lead paint after it was found that the product can be harmful to human health. Industrial lead paint removal efforts are needed for surfaces in Los Angeles where the paint job is starting to wear, because the issue with lead paint lies in the tiny particles that flake off of the finish. When lead fibers float around in the air at an establishment in L.A., the pieces can be accidently inhaled by those who frequent the space, and a buildup of lead in the body is bad news. Lead paint removal needs to happen as soon as painted surfaces show signs of deterioration to avoid all the respiratory risks involved.

Testing for Industrial Lead Paint Removal in L.A.

Owners of industrial properties in L.A. can feel confident in hiring us for and industrial lead paint removal project because we conduct a complete examination of the property to identify its presence in its entirety before we start so we can make sure that we take care of the entire problem. Aeroscopic Environmental’s restoration experts are highly trained in up-to-date safety procedures and follow a strict protocol for inspecting Los Angeles properties for lead paint inspections as to not exasperate the issue. Once we read the results from the lead paint testing, we can work to design a lead paint removal plan that will completely clear the L.A. space of any possible hazards.

Los Angeles Lead Paint Removal Techniques

Depending on the state of the situation, the threat may be able to be mitigated without full-on restoration efforts. For low-level exposure instances in L.A., lead paint abatement methods such as encapsulation or enclosure could work. This process involves sealing up the affected space and  trapping the toxins in. If there is a large airborne issue present, our company may resort to more aggressive industrial lead paint removal measures like air scrubbers and removing and replacing unsalvageable parts of a Los Angeles structure.

Call Us in L.A. for Industrial Lead Paint Removal

Aeroscopic Environmental is the company to call when you need industrial lead paint removal at a space in Los Angeles. Our staff of remediation experts works quickly and efficiently at properties where lead paint is discovered, so give us a call today to request an estimate for lead paint removal at your L.A. establishment.