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Lead Paint Inspection & Testing

Lead Paint Testing & Inspection in Los Angeles, CA

Back in the day, the most popular products that painters used were lead-based. Later studies showed that lead paint removal may be necessary for places in Los Angeles because it can pose a threat to health when the paint particles start to break down with regular wear-and-tear over time. To find out if there is a hidden hazard at your L.A. property, you can hire a restoration company like Aeroscopic Environmental to complete a lead paint inspection. We have expert equipment for discovering lead’s presence at establishments in L.A. and can do lead paint testing to determine if there is a risk present that will require restoration work to remediate.  *Aeroscopic functions as a general contractor and can associate a certified vendor for Asbestos and Lead. Certified Asbestos Consultant on staff.*

Lead Paint Inspections to Avoid Health Risks in L.A.

Any establishment in Los Angeles that was constructed prior to 1978 needs to undergo lead paint testing, as there is a good chance that lead paint may be lurking within the structure, and there is an even better chance that the paint could exist in more places than one. When a surface that is coated in lead paint starts to deteriorate, it releases tiny lead particles into the air that can be inhaled by building occupants and harm the human body. Lead paint inspection can let property owners know if they need to have work done to avoid respiratory and nervous system issues that are associated with lead paint exposure.

Lead Paint Testing Done by Experts in Los Angeles

People in L.A. can feel confident when they hire Aeroscopic Environmental to handle their lead paint testing because we conduct a complete examination of the property which includes lead paint inspections on all surfaces since we know its use was prolific in the past. Our restoration experts are highly trained in safety procedures and follow a strict protocol for Los Angeles lead paint inspections as to not exasperate the issue. Once we complete the lead paint testing, we can work to design a remediation plan that will completely clear the L.A. space of any possible hazards.

Spaces That Need Lead Paint Testing in L.A. Structures

Lead-based paint was banned in 1978, but before it was known to be harmful, painters coated the exterior and interior buildings all over L.A.. Therefore, many places around Los Angeles still contain it, and by this point could very well be threatening the well-being of those who frequent the space, so lead paint inspection should take place as soon as possible. At Aeroscopic Environmental, our experts can perform lead paint testing on windows, doors, stairs, and walls inside, as well as exterior walls, decks, fences, and soil outside. Many people in Los Angeles don’t realize where lead paint particles can end up, but luckily our lead paint inspection services will uncover them all.

Lead Paint Inspections for Los Angeles Properties

If you own a property in L.A. that was built before 1978, it's possible you have a hazard within the walls of your property in the form of lead paint. Testing is available from our remediation company,  Aeroscopic Environmental, that can inform you of any risks present that will need to be removed. Give us a call today!