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Restoration Company: Mold Removal, Water Damage Restoration, Environmental Remediation & More in Glendale, CA

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Services We Offer in Glendale, CA

  • Water & Flood Damage Restoration

  • Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

  • Crime Scene, Trauma & Death Cleanup

  • Sewage & Biohazard Cleanup

  • Mold Removal 

  • Asbestos Removal 

  • Lead Paint Removal 

  • Air Quality Testing & Control

  • Construction & Reconstruction

Aeroscopic Environmental is an environmental remediation company that serves Glendale. Our trained, certified and insured team will visit your property and conduct an assessment in order to commence with environmental remediation measures in an informed manner. If a residential, commercial or industrial property in Glendale has soil or surface water that is contaminated or polluted, Aeroscopic Environmental is the restoration company to call. The removal of contaminants requires immediate action, so don’t hesitate to contact Aeroscopic Environmental, Glendale’s top restoration and environmental remediation company.

Your Health and Safety are Important to Us in Glendale

In recent years, indoor air pollution has been linked to a host of health issues that include respiratory problems, chronic colds, coughs, sore throats, and eye irritation. The staff at Aeroscopic Environmental in Glendale cares about the air quality of your home, as it plays a vital role in your health and general wellbeing. Reach out to Aeroscopic Environmental, one of Glendale’s best restoration companies, for a cost estimate and information about additional services we offer.

Mold Removal for Your Home or Business in Glendale

When plumbing problems or flooding strike your Glendale property, mold incubation may take place. Mold growth will happen on any surface and spread rapidly if there is sufficient moisture and warmth. The presence of mold can exacerbate allergy symptoms and cause other health issues. If you see or suspect that mold is mounting concern at your home or business, connect with Aeroscopic Environmental, the mold removal experts in Glendale, to have your property assessed and the mold removal process commenced.

Trusted Water Damage Restoration Services for Glendale

Excessive water damage to your Glendale home or business can pose numerous problems. In addition to the obvious water damage restoration issues, there’s also trouble that lurks behind the scenes, or below the surface. Mold removal and water damage restoration go hand in hand, so it’s important to identify a moisture source in your home right away, as dust mites and bacteria flourish with increased moisture. If you are experiencing these issues, reach out to Aeroscopic Environmental, Glendale’s trusted restoration company!

Contact Aeroscopic Environmental in Glendale Today

Aeroscopic Environmental is Glendale's one-stop cleaning, remediation, and restoration company. Our restoration services professionals are experts who can clean, repair and fully restore your home or business after it incurs water, fire and storm damage. Contact Aeroscopic Environmental of Glendale to have your water damage repair and or emergency restoration concerns addressed today!