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Restoration Services in Burbank, CA: Residential & Commercial Water Damage Restoration, Flood Cleanup & Emergency Water & Flood Damage Restoration

No matter the time, our team will be there when you need us.

Aeroscopic Environmental is a quality environmental remediation and restoration company that has served Burbank and the surrounding area for 60 years. Our restoration company provides a wide array of services, including flood and water damage restoration, mold removal, crime scene cleanup, biohazard cleanup, air quality testing, construction, and environmental remediation services. Clients who are in need of any of our restoration services in Burbank can call Aeroscopic Environmental today!

Water Damage Restoration Pros

Aeroscopic Environmental is an unrivaled water damage restoration service provider for the Burbank area. Our team of highly skilled technicians uses the latest equipment when water permeates your home, such as infrared cameras to identify flooded areas on your property, meters that measure moisture, gas powered pumps, and high-powered dryers. We follow up with sanitizing agents to rid your water damaged Burbank property of odor.

Entrust Us in Times of Despair

As a victim of a crime scene, whether it be in your Burbank business or a loved one in your residence, we clean the area thoroughly so you can start the healing process. Having any type of reminder of this tragic incident taking place is only hurting yourself. We’re compassionate and understanding when we carry out our crime scene and biohazard cleanup services. Especially with elements such as blood, you could be exposing yourself and those around you to dangerous pathogens. Let us help mend your wounds with our crime scene services.


Trusted Sewage Services From Trained Pros

Dealing with a sewage backup is not a DIY project. Instead, call Aeroscopic Environmental; our team effectively removes contaminated water and materials, transporting them to designated areas for safe disposal. Our priority is the safety of our clients. Our dedicated Burbank team implements comprehensive environmental remediation solutions, so your property and the surrounding areas are safe and protected. Reach out to us today in Burbank for questions and environmental concerns.

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The Remediation & Removal Services You Need

It’s important to call our restoration professionals if you believe you may have mold within your Burbank property. We offer world class emergency restoration services to accommodate our clients in need. Breathing in harmful pathogens emitted from mold can all have a negative effect on your wellbeing. To better protect yourself and those around you, call our restoration company near Burbank.

Ensuring the Air Quality That You Deserve

Not many individuals think about the air they’re breathing in on an everyday basis. Unsafe air can contain pesticides, allergens, tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, and much more. Therefore, it’s best to call our air quality experts to know exactly what you’re breathing in. You could potentially be putting your employees, your family, and even your pets in danger. Maintaining your property’s air quality is a serious matter and should be handled with the utmost professionalism.

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Keep Your Property Beaming With Our Construction Contractors

Whether your commercial, residential or industrial property is looking for a quality construction contractor you can trust, you’ve come to the right place. We offer our Burbank customers the renovations and improvements they need to maintain a well taken care of and stunning new look. We also have the framing, drywall, finishing, and flooring installation that could increase your property’s overall appearance. With various options such as carpet, tile, and stone, we’re confident we can choose a material that fits your lifestyle.

Protect Your Burbank Property With A Deep Clean

Keeping up with the maintenance of your everyday cleaning can pose its challenges. You don’t always have time to grab a mop after work or scrub the walls throughout the day. However, what happens when you need a thorough cleaning within your Burbank property? Luckily for you, our deep cleaning services are raved about among the community. We know that life is hectic, and you don’t have time to clean every second of the day. That’s why with our deep cleaning, we get in hard to reach places and ensure you’re left with a clean and safe environment.

Let Our Fire Damage Restoration Restore Your Memories

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire is often overwhelming. However, we make the best out of a tragic situation with our fire damage restoration services. We not only take into account what your Burbank property needs, but how we can accommodate your financial budget as well. Your possessions aren’t just assets; they’re memories of a life you made. That’s why we work hard to restore your memories with our fire damage restoration services.

Contact Aeroscopic Environmental in Burbank, CA Today

Aeroscopic Environmental is a one stop cleaning, remediation, and restoration company in Burbank, CA. Our professionals are experts and can clean, repair, and fully restore your home or business from water, fire, and or storm damage. Contact Aeroscopic Environmental for a comprehensive solution to your mold removal, fire, and or water damage restoration needs in Burbank, CA!

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